previous international education activities held in czech republic - medicine and surgery in exotic pets and zoo animals


- ESAVS (European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies) courses

Endoscopy - 2005, 2006


Prof. Dr. Reto Neiger (D) - Course master in charge

Prof. Dr. Henry va Bree (B)

Dr. Ingrid Gielen (B)

Dr. Christiane Stengel (D)

Prof. Dr. Zdenek Knotek (CZ) – lectures, wet lab - reptiles

Dr. Viktor Tukac (CZ) – wet lab – exotic avians

Dr. Vladimir Jekl (CZ) – wet lab – small mammals


- Medicine and Surgery in Exotic Pets - 2006


Prof. Dr. Zdenek Knotek (CZ) - Course master in charge

Assoc. Prof. Stephen J. Hernandez-Divers (USA)

Dr. Nico J. Schoemaker (NL)

Dr. Sharon Redrobe (UK)

Dr. Vladimir Jekl (CZ) – 2007,2006 (small mammal endoscopy), 2008 (small mammal restraint and handling)

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- Summer School for Exotic Medicine and Surgery

2004, 2005 (two times), 2006, 2007, 2008

“Summer School for Exotic Medicine and Surgery” is the common project of Brno and Vienna Veterinary Universities – one week teaching programme for veterinarians (doctors and students).

- annual cazwv conference

Many international and Czech speakres

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Wetlabs A and B closed

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Early bird registration to the Exotic Animal Conference 2011 is now extended till 17th October 2011 !!!  
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CAZWV conference 2010

Full conference proceedings are now online! (in Czech)
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Call for ABSTRACTS POSTED ONLINE Please see "Exotic Animal Conference 2011"
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FUTURE CONFERENCE: Ophthalmology (“and anything on the exotic animal head, except the teeth”)

18/02/2010 18:44

Mini-symposium: Želvy ve veterinární praxi tří kontinentů

Mini-symposium: Želvy ve veterinární praxi tří kontinentů